Mattel DC Superheroes Checklist

Since being rebranded as DC Universe Classics, there has been debate over which DC Superheroes figures to include.

There is no good rule.

Any time that one is applied, an exception is sure to follow. Below, you will find a list of every DCSH figure. But here, we’ve provided a list of the 12 figures we think are needed in a good DCUC collection. There is sure to be debate over this. Do only Four Horsemen sculpts count? Does the level of articulation matter? We intend this resource only as a guide and not a definitive rule. Darkseid, for example, is a large C&C in DCUC and normal-sized here. We do not make this distinction. Darkseid is included in DCUC and therefore the DCSH, while a valid option, is no longer a needed substitute. Meanwhile, Two-Face & Catwoman are included in DCUC with different paint options, but we feel the DCSH versions represent modern takes. Again, there is no good rule.

Some figures may be removed later, if Mattel continues to reissue or redo figures/characters in DC Classics.

The Twelve:
Batgirl Bizarro Brainiac Catwoman
Clark Kent Killer Croc Mr. Freeze Scarecrow
Steel Supergirl OWAW
The Complete Line:
Figures are listed in alphabetical order:
Azrael Bane Bane w/ Osito1 Camo Bane Batgirl I2 Batgirl II Batman Batman Batman
Batman Bizarro Bizarro Brainiac Bruce Wayne Catwoman Clark Kent2 Clayface Cyborg Superman
Darkseid Darkseid Doomsday Doomsday Joker Kal-El Killer Croc Lex Luthor Man-Bat3
Man-Bat4 Mr. Freeze Mr. Freeze3 Mongul Nightwing Parasite Robin Scarecrow Steel
Steel1 Supergirl Supergirl Supergirl Superman Superman Superman Two-face  
  1. Variant. Bane (closed or open hands and an Osito accessory). Steel (with or without a chromed S-shield).
  2. Figure was available only in a two-pack. Batgirl I was packaged with Batman. Clark Kent was packaged with Superman.
  3. Figure was available as a Comic-Con exclusive. Man-Bat at SDCC 2008, Mr. Freeze at NYCC 2008.
  4. Figure was a chase variant of a Comic-Con exclusive. Chase Man-Bat was done in clear plastic.
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