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Invoking the original roadmaps to collect action figures, It’s All True is now Cardback Hero.

IAT, known for its detailed visual checklists, is announcing today that it has completed a rebranding. When IAT was founded in 2009, the initial idea behind the name was to reference our favorite fictional characters and what they stood for. Superman, Optimus Prime, He-Man – they are fictional everywhere but in our hearts. The ideals they stand for though, and would sometimes espouse in PSAs, are true everywhere. Whether it be treating others with kindness and understanding or not touching downed power lines, we took those life lessons to heart. They were all true.

In recent years though, truth hasn’t had a good run. Having “true” in our name has become an increasing liability in social algorithms. Combining that with a new focus on checklists over reviews, social media over blogging, and trying to keep up with the mountain of action figures coming our way, we went looking for a new name. And what better than the original way to keep up with a toy line’s latest releases: the action figure cardback.

IAT has changed its name to CardbackHero, with a new logo, new website, and refreshed social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you were following IAT, you’re already following CardbackHero.

Currently, you can visit to see the two original checklists for MOTU & DC Classics. Both will have new pages coming for the twilight years of each line. And checklists on their successor lines are also planned. Currently, we also have the beta version of our new sortable Marvel Legends checklist. We’ll be moving over more IAT content as well as adding new content in the coming weeks and, of course, we’ll throw in a funny picture or two.

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